A New Horizon for Women


Are you thinking about or looking for: 

  • new horizons for the next stage of your life?
  • what you will do when you retire?
  • fulfilling and exciting opportunities?
  • building new networks?
  • expanding your knowledge of the world?
  • equality and economic opportunity for women?

If these questions are on your mind, Global Horizons is for you!

Join Us and use your skills, experience and expertise to support women in the developing world on their own journey to economic independence and social equality. 

Global Horizons for Women is an online information resource and action center for retired or retiring professional women with energy and talent and many years ahead. It includes up to date information on issues, relevant nonprofit organizations with their locations and fields of work; investment opportunities, advocacy, travel options, volunteer consulting possibilities, as well as other actions you can take to support women in the developing world.  It's fast, efficient and trustworthy.


Stanford Social Impact Review

2015 TheRiseOfGenderCapitalism

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The Rise of Gender Capitalism

Around the Globe

Update regarding earthquakes in Nepal


EARTHQUAKE IN NEPAL: If you would like to support our Nepal team as they assess the damage to our partner communities, and help their countrymen and women, please make a donation and indicate that your support is for Nepal. We will ensure that all funds get to those who most need it. The dollar amounts listed below are indicative of READ's efforts under normal circumstances, but we will distribute these funds to Nepal to rebuild READ Centers that have been damaged, and to help families in our partner communities with other more urgent needs, like rebuilding their own homes.


read nepal earthquake 2015 R

» Click Here to Learn More about the earthquakes and donating to help.




The Girls of Today Wil Be The Leaders of Tomorrow

Women with economic opportunity send their girls to school, improve their health and nutrition and prepare them for a better future, thus impacting glrls for generations to come.

BRAC: Let's get Her Back to School this Year

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The Girl Effect: The Clock is Ticking:  » Watch Video



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