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Field: microfinance, social entrepreneurship, health care, nutrition, education – an holistic approach

Where: Haiti, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Afghanistan Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh

BRAC is a non-governmental development organization dedicated to alleviating poverty by empowering the poor to bring about change in their own lives. Started in Bangladesh in 1972, it focuses on work with poor women, who are the worst affected by poverty.

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What is Global Horizons for Women (GH4W)?

GH4W is a trusted and up-to-date nonprofit informational and action resource for retiring and retired women who wish to expand their horizons, their networks, their knowledge of the world and the condition of women in developing countries.  It includes actions they can take to support economic opportunity for those poor women.


What is GH4W’s mission?

To increase the human and financial resources devoted to economically empowering women in the developing world.


What is GH4W’s strategy?

To give American women retiring, retired or thinking about retirement an opportunity to give back, using their skills, experience, expertise and assets to engage in this effort.


How did GH4W get started?

A group of professional women visited women’s economic opportunity programs in Nepal, Uganda, Tanzania, Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and saw the powerful impact on women’s lives, families and communities.  The travelers became committed to spreading the word about these effective anti-poverty programs and encouraging American professional women to become involved with the organizations that run them.  Members of the group have all engaged in many of the recommended actions.


Why was GH4W created?

In this country we have an extraordinary resource in retiring professional women who have great expertise and energy and who wish to stay engaged in the world.  Among the plethora of organizations and websites that claim to do effective work, it is not easy to find reliable international opportunities to engage, nor manageable ways to do so.  GH4W was created to be a useful resource and action agenda for these women.  

What can GH4W do for you?

Help you find ways to use your skills, experience and expertise to support women in the developing world on their own journey to economic independence and social equality. 

GH4W offers a wide range of information including:


How is GH4W run?

It has an active Board of professional women knowledgeable and experienced in the field of international development work and women’s issues.  GH4W is a lean operation: it has a volunteer executive director, volunteer accountant and two independent contractors for website maintenance/development and social media, who also contribute substantial volunteer time. It operates out of a virtual office. 


How is GH4W funded?

GH4W was launched through the generous contributions of individuals and foundations.  Membership fees, fees from speaking and sponsoring trips and other tools are being created to develop sustainability.

GH4W promotes its recommended organizations and hopes that will women connect with them directly to make contributions through the information provided.

GH4W needs support for its own operation.  It is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) entity.  Its EIN is 46-0786199.  Donations may be made through the website.

GH4W respects your privacy and does not share your information.


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