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Field: microfinance, social entrepreneurship, health care, nutrition, education – an holistic approach

Where: Haiti, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Afghanistan Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh

BRAC is a non-governmental development organization dedicated to alleviating poverty by empowering the poor to bring about change in their own lives. Started in Bangladesh in 1972, it focuses on work with poor women, who are the worst affected by poverty.

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Throughout our travels and those of our allies, many photos have been taken and videos produced. We are pleased to share them with you.



Women Thrive Worldwide

video 2parrot womenThrivePublished on Apr 15, 2012           

The Women Thrive Worldwide group wishes to make women the key focus of our country's international efforts by listening to women and men, asking what kind of investments they need, and proposing policy solutions that help those needs. As the cornerstone of the family, women need assistance to help their whole families flourish and grow. Find out how you can help at

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Micro Credit Enterprises - Cambodia

video 2parrot microCredit camboniaPublished on Jan  7, 2013           

Learn more about our grantee, MicroCredit Enterprises:

"Nothing Can Go A Long Way"
Some say nothing can be done about poverty. We disagree. We're reducing poverty for thousands of the most impoverished women around the globe, ensuring food security for their children and sustainable futures for their families—with a guarantee, not a check. 

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GOPR0259 300x240Nepal Nepal - The Story of TEWA


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The Girl Effect: The clock is ticking

the girl effectWomen with economic opportunity send their girls to school, improve their health and nutrition and prepare them for a better future, thus impacting glrls for generations to come. 

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Women's Access

womens access videoThe importance of investing in women’s access to water, land, seeds, credit and markets to decrease poverty and malnutrition.

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