Nepal - The Story of TEWA
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TEWA is the preeminent women’s non-governmental
organization in Nepal. It raises funds inside Nepal and elsewhere to support
national and grassroots women’s empowerment programs that fight effectively for
economic opportunity, social justice, peace and gender equality.
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Our Mission

Enlist In Our Movement For Women Overseas


CW africa mission 337 RwAfricaOur mission is two-fold:  1) to attack poverty in the developing world by supporting women's equality and economic empowerment and 2) to provide retiring and retired professional women with information, ways to give back and an action agenda to aid these women on their journey to opportunity and social justice.

We invite you to learn about issues affecting women and connect with the most effective non-governmental (NGOs) working with developing country women as they forge a new future for themselves, their families and communities.


By becoming part of Global Horizons for Women you will be able to expand your horizons for this new stage in your life and continue to be relevant and fulfilled. You will have resources to:

  • Learn more about the world we live in
  • Have at your fingertips fast, easy, reliable and current information about women’s international development issues and solutions
  • Develop new relationships on site and through the Internet
  • Join a network of like-minded professional women
  • Find challenging ways to give back, using your professional expertise and experience to support organizations working with women in the developing world who are lifting themselves and their families out of poverty
  • Join advocacy campaigns on behalf of those women
  • Travel to far away places to meet such women and see effective programs at work
  • Find reliable, recommended organizations for contribution or investment
  • Attend conferences on issues or on effective philanthropy to meet women leaders in the field
  • Access pro bono (volunteer) consulting opportunities
  • Include our book list in your current Book Club or create your own


The Girl Effect: The Clock is Ticking

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