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Overview directly from Strong Minds Website:


We are working to solve one of the most neglected health issues in the world, at scale, for the first time.

What We Do

We build Strong Minds by providing access to mental health services for impoverished Africans.

We build Strong Families & Communities by helping people suffering from major depression return to becoming productive members of their communities.

We build a Stronger Africa by implementing our model at scale.

We have had tremendous success and we wish to share our program and results with you. 

StrongMinds’ vision is to treat and improve the lives of 2 million Africans with major depression by the year 2025.

While depression is the leading cause of disability for both males and females, the burden of depression is 50% higher for females than males (WHO, 2008). In fact, depression is the leading cause of disease burden for women in both high-income and low and middle-income countries (WHO, 2008). Research in developing countries suggests that maternal depression may be a risk factor for poor growth in young children (Rahman et al, 2008). This risk factor could mean that maternal mental health in low-income countries may have a substantial influence on growth during childhood, with the effects of depression affecting not only this generation but also the next. 


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