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Our Mission

To improve access to essential drugs, basic healthcare, and prevention services for children and families in the developing world using business models that maintain standards, are geometrically scalable, and achieve economies of scale

Despite the stunning advances in medicine during the last half century, approximately 17,000 children die each day for want of medicine that costs less than a cup of coffee. 

A short list of infectious diseases treatable with inexpensive generic drugs accounts for approximately 70% of all childhood illness and death in the developing world. Existing access to essential medicines for much of the poorest is woefully inadequate. A frightening percentage of the most vulnerable populations live hours, if not days from the nearest source of life saving medicines. Moreover, the current limited distribution often suffers from weak supply, a lack of rigorous quality control and unfair or simply inaccessible pricing. To address this yawning healthcare gap Scott Hillstrom and Eva Ombaka, Ph.D. founded The Child and Family Wellness Shops network (CFWshops) in 1997, adapting a traditional franchising model to the problem of distributing essential medicines in remote communities. 

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