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Category Description:  organizations focused on training or partnering with women journalists and placing their stories, also photographs.


Journalism Organizations


Ripple Effect Images

Help a Woman – Help the Planet

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Ripple Effect Images is a team of journalists dedicated to documenting the plight of poor women and girls around the world, and highlighting the programs that are helping to empower them, especially as they deal with the devastating effects of climate change. Working closely with scientists and NGOs to identify both the needs and the innovative programs that are helping women and girls, Ripple Effect journalists make strategic trips to document these programs. They then donate their photographs, video, and stories to the Ripple Effect Images Archive . This Archive is made available, at no cost, to our partner aid organizations and to policymakers who are working to help poor women as they deal with the tremendous challenges caused by climate change. The extraordinary Ripple Effect team includes a MacArthur Genius Fellow, as well as Pulitzer Prize, Emmy Award, and National Humanities Medal winners.

Ripple Effect’s mission is to raise awareness and funding to help empower women and girls in emerging nations around the world. We are currently working with NGOs, ambassadors, corporate leaders, and the State Department.

Ripple Effect Images is a registered 501 (c) (3) organization. Our EIN/Tax ID is 27-3756018.

Ripple Effect Images: 2013 Chadds Ford Drive, Reston, Virginia 20191

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Round Earth Media

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In our interconnected world, reliable news and information is more important than ever before. Round Earth Media, a world-wide partnership, is training the next generation of global journalists while producing powerful multimedia stories on important under-reported issues — from the environment to women, immigration to music, and business to health. Through our groundbreaking model, Americans partner with journalists from the countries where we are reporting. Their stories reach huge audiences via top-tier media around the world.

Round Earth Media 3109 West 50th Street, Suite 203, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410

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World Pulse

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Connecting Women's Voices to Transform Our World



We are a powerful online community of women and allies from 190 countries speaking out and building solutions to today’s biggest challenges. Connect with us and speed up the change.


World Pulse
  1006 S.E. Grand Avenue, Suite 200, Portland, Oregon 97214

Phone: (503) 331-3900
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