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Global Grassroots is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2004 that supports conscious social change, driven by and for vulnerable women and girls at the grassroots level.

Our Academy for Conscious Change for women and girls is a social venture incubator offering mind-body trauma healing, non-profit development skills, leadership training, personal transformation practices, seed grants and high-engagement support to help groups of disadvantaged women and girls initiate their own sustainable social ventures. These community organizations address the issues of greatest concern of the women and girls in their own communities, using methods chosen by the women and girls themselves. They are not small businesses but are instead micro-NGOs driven by a social purpose to address a priority issue facing women and girls, such as domestic violence, water access, or illiteracy. Our Girls Academy is designed to take place during school vacations throughout the year or during the nine-month gap between high school graduation and university enrollment, when girls are at greatest risk of teen pregnancy and dropping out of school.

We contend that wisdom exists at the grassroots level among those directly impacted by certain social issues. Women and girls represent both those most invested in serving their community's needs and those in greatest need of support to manifest their solutions.

Global Grassroots asserts that deepening personal consciousness and contributing towards the common good are both essential to establishing a mindful society that will advance the greatest level of positive social change. We call this intersection of personal and societal transformation Conscious Social Change.

We embrace the potential for every person to become an agent of change and we invite you to join us in creating a just, compassionate, and conscious society worldwide.


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