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Volunteer Opportunity Organizations

Accion International



Overview directly from ACCION Website:


At Accion, our vision is to build a financially inclusive world – one in which every individual has access to high-quality, affordable financial services. Whether you’re interested in a particular aspect of microfinance, impact investing or financial literacy, we invite you to explore the different areas of our work and join our efforts to build a world with access to economic opportunity for all.

ACCION International 1401 New York Avenue, N.W., Suite 500, Washington, D.C. 20005

(202) 393-5113 
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Advocates for Human Rights

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advocates for human rights

Overview directly from Advocates for Human Rights Website:

At the forefront of the world’s human rights movement, The Advocates for Human Rights, a 501(c)(3) organization, creates and maintains lasting, comprehensive, and holistic change on a local, national, and global scale. Volunteers, partners, supporters, board members, and staff implement international human rights standards to promote civil society and reinforce the rule of law.

For more than 30 years, our innovative programming has changed the lives of refugees and immigrants, women, ethnic and religious minorities, children, and other marginalized communities. We investigate and expose human rights violations, represent immigrants and refugees seeking asylum, train and assist groups that protect human rights, engage the public, policy-makers, and children; and push for legal reform and advocates for sound policy.An independent, nonpartisan non-profit organization founded in 1983, The Advocates relies on support from a powerhouse of partners and volunteers. Our volunteers want to make a difference, and their work at The Advocates is significant to each of them. Our volunteers motivate us to continue to strive—and we do the same for them.

If you would like to work with The Advocates for Human Rights—as a donor, a volunteer, an intern or staff member—please take action.

Requests for our help continue to grow. People count on us, and on you. Make a life-changing contribution today.

The Advocates for Human Rights 330 Second Avenue South, Suite 800, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55401      

Phone: (612) 341-3302
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Asylum Access



Asylum Access is the only international organization working to make refugee rights a reality in first countries of refuge. Its unique combination of five integrated strategies provides grassroots assistance and changes the legal landscape for refugees and their host communities. 

Field: human rights for refugees

Where: Ecuador, Tanzania, Thailand


Bankers Without Borders

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Overview directly from Bankers without Borders Website:


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Each of us—even the poorest citizens of the world—can reach our full potential if given access to the right information and resources. Grameen Foundation believes that people everywhere have an inherent desire to improve their lives. Anchored by the strength and ingenuity of the poor, our work arms them with the information and tools essential to transform their lives and alleviate the problems of poverty in developing nations.

Grameen Foundation recognizes that the multidimensional and complex nature of challenges facing the poor requires a global movement of organizations working together to eradicate global poverty. In this spirit, Grameen Foundation offers an array of products and services—originally designed for its own use—to help other organizations with similar missions be more effective. Grameen Foundation believes these tools will help organizations strengthen their programs, deepen their impact on poverty, and create lasting change.

Throughout its history, at any given time, Grameen Foundation has engaged numerous volunteers working in a variety of capacities, from field-level operational work with grassroots partners to pro bono legal counsel or fundraising activities. However, Grameen Foundation lacked a consistent organization-wide framework for volunteer engagement and management, project definition and implementation, and impact analysis and follow-up. This put added pressure on staff, lessened the impact of volunteers’ contributions, and resulted in many missed opportunities where qualified and willing volunteers were not deployed.


Bankers Without Borders ®  1101 15th St. NW, 3rd Floor, Washington, DC 20005

Phone: (202) 628-3560
Toll Free (US) 1-888-764-3872



Compatible Technology International

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Overview directly from CTI Compatible Technology International Website:


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Compatible Technology International (CTI) is a nonprofit that designs and distributes innovative tools that help families in the developing world rise above hunger and poverty.

How do we work?

First, we listen. Using a human centered approach, we start by talking with farmers, many of whom are women, to understand their concerns, their needs and their culture. Once we have a good understanding of their post-harvest needs, we research existing solutions and develop new prototypes in collaboration with communities in the developing world. New innovations are first launched in a pilot program, where we assess the effectiveness of a new tool, research its potential impact, and develop a distribution plan.
We know collaboration is key. Our work doesn’t just happen in the shop. We take our innovations forward through regional distribution centers at our US headquarters, in Central America, and in West Africa. Recognizing that ‘give aways’ are largely ineffective, we are committed to providing tools at an affordable price and we work closely with in-country partners who manufacture our tools and provide financing and business training to local communities.  

Compatible Technology International 
800 Transfer Road, Suite 6
St. Paul, Minnesota 55114

 Fax: 651-204-9033
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Global Ties U.S.

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Overview directly from Global Ties U.S. Website:


Founded in 1961, Global Ties U.S. and its member organizations have served as private sector partners to the U.S. Department of State's prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP). World leaders, ranging from former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to Mexico's former president Felipe Calderón, developed close ties to the United States through their experience as IVLP participants. With an impressive alumni roster of more than 350 current and former heads of state worldwide, the IVLP and members of the Global Ties network have played a role in shaping U.S. international relations for decades.


Global Ties U.S. 1420 K Street NW, Suite 800, Washington, DC 20005

Phone: 202.842.1414

Fax: 202.289.4625

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Global Giving

global giving 



Overview directly from Global Giving Website: 


"The World is full of problems.  Global Giving is full of solutions".

Solutions run by innovative, grassroots projects and organizations that are working to educate children, feed the hungry, build houses, train women (and men) with job skills, and hundreds of other amazing things.

GlobalGiving is a charity fundraising web site that gives social entrepreneurs and non-profits from anywhere in the world a chance to raise the money that they need to improve their communities. Since 2002, GlobalGiving has raised $184,574,785 from 473,419 donors who have supported 12,503 projects.

Our Vision

Unleashed potential of people to make positive change happen.

Our Mission

To catalyze a global market for ideas, information, and money that democratizes aid and philanthropy.

1023 15th Street, N.W., 12th Floor, Washington D.C. 20005

Phone: (
202) 232-5784
Toll Free: (877) 605-2314

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StoveTeam International

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Overview directly from Stove Team International Website:

What we do

StoveTeam helps local entrepreneurs establish factories in Latin America. These self-sustaining businesses produce safe, affordable, fuel-efficient cookstoves to replace dangerous open cooking fires. Ecocina factories have produced more than 50,840 stoves, improving the lives of more than 381,300 people.

StoveTeam's model has been awarded the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Partnership for Clean Indoor Air Award for Developing Local Markets for our innovative approach creating local employment while improving health and reducing air pollution.

StoveTeam International: P.O. Box 51025
Eugene, OR 97405 USA

Phone: 541-554-4638

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World Affairs Councils of America

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Overview directly from World Affairs Councils of America Website:


The World Affairs Councils of America is the largest nonpartisan, non-profit grassroots organization in the United States dedicated to educating and engaging the American public on global issues. Over 500,000 people a year benefit from the network programming, including members and participants.

The World Affairs Councils of America has a long and storied history that stretches back some 90 years. Two groups, the Foreign Policy Association (FPA) and the World Affairs Councils worked together in the same organizational system from 1918 until the early 1950s. The FPA was begun in the spring of 1918 by a small group of individuals who worked with President Woodrow Wilson that included journalist and social reformer Paul Kellogg, who also served as FPA's first president. The founding members were concerned that at the end of World War I, Americans would choose an isolationist foreign policy over one of engagement and worked to nurture grassroots citizen involvement in international affairs. By 1947, these two groups operated as a national organization that was composed of a network of independent community councils.In 1986, the National Council of World Affairs Organizations national office was established in Washington, D.C. This office evolved into the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA). Today, WACA is the country's largest non-profit organization dedicated to fostering grassroots understanding and engagement in international affairs and seeks to involve as many citizens as possible in an exchange of ideas, knowledge and understanding of global issues.The national office of the WACA works to develop new program opportunities to distribute to member councils. This includes a variety of national program series, an annual national conference, five flagship programs, Leadership Missions to other countries, and other opportunities.In addition to providing program opportunities, the WACA acts as the central hub for the council network, connecting councils with resources, opportunities, and of course, with each other. Councils often turn to the WACA for assistance with capacity building and organizational development. The WACA staff visit several councils every year and work hard to help councils accomplish their goals.

World Affairs Council of America 1200 18th Street, NW
Suite 902, Washington, DC 20036

Phone: 202-833-4557
Fax:  202-833-4555
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World Pulse

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Overview directly fromWorld Pulse Website:


Connecting Women's Voices to Transform Our World



We are a powerful online community of women and allies from 190 countries speaking out and building solutions to today’s biggest challenges. Connect with us and speed up the change.


World Pulse
  1006 S.E. Grand Avenue, Suite 200, Portland, Oregon 97214

Phone: (503) 331-3900
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.