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Each of us—even the poorest citizens of the world—can reach our full potential if given access to the right information and resources. Grameen Foundation believes that people everywhere have an inherent desire to improve their lives. Anchored by the strength and ingenuity of the poor, our work arms them with the information and tools essential to transform their lives and alleviate the problems of poverty in developing nations.

Grameen Foundation recognizes that the multidimensional and complex nature of challenges facing the poor requires a global movement of organizations working together to eradicate global poverty. In this spirit, Grameen Foundation offers an array of products and services—originally designed for its own use—to help other organizations with similar missions be more effective. Grameen Foundation believes these tools will help organizations strengthen their programs, deepen their impact on poverty, and create lasting change.

Throughout its history, at any given time, Grameen Foundation has engaged numerous volunteers working in a variety of capacities, from field-level operational work with grassroots partners to pro bono legal counsel or fundraising activities. However, Grameen Foundation lacked a consistent organization-wide framework for volunteer engagement and management, project definition and implementation, and impact analysis and follow-up. This put added pressure on staff, lessened the impact of volunteers’ contributions, and resulted in many missed opportunities where qualified and willing volunteers were not deployed.


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