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Field: microfinance, social entrepreneurship, health care, nutrition, education – an holistic approach

Where: Haiti, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Afghanistan Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh

BRAC is a non-governmental development organization dedicated to alleviating poverty by empowering the poor to bring about change in their own lives. Started in Bangladesh in 1972, it focuses on work with poor women, who are the worst affected by poverty.

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There are many ways to support women in developing countries.  One of the most effective and far reaching is connecting with the non governmental organizations (NGOs) with programs that advance women’s economic empowerment.

Review our list of NGOs to determine which ones most interest you.  

Consider our list of tested opportunities to get involved and experience the personal and professional benefits of engagement. Click on underlined links to be taken to the appropriate section.

  • LEARN about issues affecting women in developing countries and effective ways of supporting their economic rights and opportunities.
  • UNDERSTAND why women are the key to economic development.
  • ADVOCATE for women and girls with Congress and government agencies through Women Thrive Worldwide and other trusted and effective Organizations.
  • TRAVEL and explore opportunities to meet women on the ground and see successful programs in action.
  • JOIN the Board of one of the recommended Organizations.  Many are looking for Board members.
  • DONATE to one or more of the Organizations listed on this website or to Global Horizons for Women.
  • INVEST in economic opportunity through our list of focused investment vehicles.
  • ATTEND relevant conferences. 
  • VOLUNTEER Investigate pro bono consultant opportunities through links to Organizations that offer such experiences at their U. S. headquarters or overseas.
  • READ the testimonials and stories from women who have been involved in such programs and travel.
  • INTRODUCE your Book Club to our Reading List.

We will be adding blogs of women leaders in the field of women's development overseas.  

Other actions that we have taken  
  • Write and publish accounts of your own experiences of involvement.
  • Make presentations to your Service Club, alumni or industry group, or any other organization of which you are a member.  We can provide presentation materials.
  • Mobilize a group of your friends, colleagues or neighbors to act together.
  • Create a Giving Circle.
  • Introduce your friends, family and colleagues to this website, women’s issues in developing countries and solutions that work.